Walk Denver!!

Timothy is just one of more than 900 people who have signed (electronically and on paper) WalkDenver’s petition calling upon the City to establish a Pedestrian Advisory Committee and adopt a Denver Moves Pedestrians implementation plan. More than 30 partners have provided letters of support as well -view the full list on the WalkDenver website.

This groundswell of support is having an impact: last week the WalkDenver team met with senior city officials to discuss our policy goals, and was very well received. We learned that the draft 2015 City budget includes funding for a Denver Moves Pedestrians plan. (more…)

Paving in Congress Park

Congress Park Neighborhood Paving:
Denver Public Works has contracted with a Hot-In-Place-Recycle (HIPR) crew to pave the Congress Park neighborhood from 6th Avenue to Colfax and Josephine to Steele. Hot-In-Place-Recycle heats the top inch of existing asphalt pavement and mixes this with new asphalt. This process is less expensive and more environmental friendly than mill and overlay and provides a pavement that will last 8 to 10 years. Work began the last week of July. Click here or go to https://www.denvergov.org/streetsandsidewalks/StreetsandSidewalks/StreetMaintenanceImprovement/Paving/AnnualPavingPlan/tabid/437917/Default.aspx for more information and to see Public Works’ Annual Paving Plan schedule and map.

Trash Collection Services to Change in Select Neighborhoods

In 2014, Denver Public Works will begin the first phase of a plan to move the City of Denver to automated cart trash collection. In 2010, the City outlined strategies to improve waste services in its ‘Master Plan for Managing Solid Waste in the Mile High City’. The plan called for a number of service improvements designed to make waste collection more efficient and to reduce waste disposal by providing options to divert waste to better uses like recycling and composting. 

Starting this summer, the City will begin to convert approximately 20,000 homes with dumpster or manual trash collection to cart based trash service. The transition will take place in the following neighborhoods: Globeville, Swansea Elyria and parts of Cole and Clayton; Barnum, Barnum West and Westwood; a portion of West Colfax; Platt Park, Overland, Rosedale and part of University; part of Hale; and, East Colfax and part of Park Hill.