Colorado Boulevard Health Care District Feb 6, 2014

Dear CBHD Members and Guests

Please find below the Agenda for the next meeting of the Colorado Boulevard Health Care District.

The meeting will be held on Thursday, February 6th at 4:00 pm at National Jewish Health.  Steve Zweck-Bronner from the University of Colorado will give an update about the selection of a new developer.  An announcement of the new developer will not be made at this meeting.  We hope to hear where the Selection Committee and the Regents are in the selection process
and a timetable for the ultimate announcement of their choice.

We hope that you can join us.  Thank you for your continued interest in the CBHD

and the redevelopment of 9th & Colorado Boulevard.

Best Regards,

Andrea Dikeou

Interim Chair

Colorado Boulevard Health Care District


Colorado Boulevard Healthcare District Minutes

Colorado Boulevard Healthcare District

July 11, 2013

  Minutes Correction

“The parking garage on the 23 acre campus is closed due to an abatement procedure.”

Amended to: “The parking garage on the 23 acre campus is closed while abatement proceeds in an adjacent building as power has to be shut off in both locations during this process.”

Approved as amended

 Agenda Additions

·         Brad Zieg’s request for inclusion

·         mailing list update

 University of Colorado Update

Steve Zweck-Bronner, attorney for University of Colorado Anschutz Campus sent an announcement that the University is setting up a process to evaluate interest in the property. They are working on the evaluation mechanism to establish guidelines for whether companies are able to develop the site. The University has been receiving a lot of inquiries about the site. The preference remains for there to be a single buyer, but there are no set restrictions. Steve is willing to come back at a future meeting discuss the guidelines and expectations of the University regarding potential site developers.

 Related Notes:

Councilwoman Robb mentioned that the Mayor’s Office is interested in being involved with the redevelopment of the site.

DURA Public Hearing: Monday, July 22 at 5:30 at the City Council meeting regarding the urban renewal plan for the entire site, but TIF component is only for residential component.

 Tina Axelrad: entitlements on the property which regulate the mix of uses are in place. These include the GDP and zoning. These envision a mix of uses which do not preclude large format retail. The only constraint to size (other than height) is whether the size fits into block layout, sufficient parking, and open space requirements.

 Housing Presentation

Doug McKinnon, Principle of Lionstone Group

Lionstone formed 12 years ago private real estate investment firm; he and his partners all started with Gerald Hines Interest. Their previous projects include Gates East Campus and the Janus Investment Building (management).


Old CU hospital site has a new developer in control: Lionstone Group From the Denver Post

Posted:   05/14/2013 05:20:40 PM MDT
Updated:   05/15/2013 12:52:57 PM MDT

By Steve Raabe and Anthony Cotton
The Denver Post

former hospital site

Vacant buildings at the northeast corner of Colorado Blvd. and 9th Ave. at the former University of Colorado Health Sciences Center stand ready to be demolished. (Kathryn Scott Osler, The Denver Post)

Redevelopment control of the old University of Colorado Health Sciences Center has changed hands, marking the fourth new regime for the campus in nine years.
Houston-based real-estate investor Lionstone Group now is negotiating to acquire the property from CU and launch redevelopment of the 28-acre east Denver site.
The property has been vacant since the hospital and health-sciences complex moved to Fitzsimons in Aurora in 2007.
Redevelopment of the former Denver campus at East Ninth Avenue and Colorado Boulevard has been a recurring focus of controversy, first over a proposal for a Walmart store and more recently when King Soopers said it was withdrawing as a proposed anchor tenant.
Yet-unrealized plans call for development of a mixed-use project with housing, restaurants and retailers.
Lionstone Group said Tuesday that it took control over a purchase-and-sale contract for the property in mid-2012. That status had not been publicly announced previously.
Prior to Lionstone’s disclosure that it assumed the contract, Lionstone had been described as the financier behind developer Fuqua Development, headed by Jeff Fuqua. Before Fuqua, Sembler Co. and, starting in 2004, Shea Properties had been negotiating to acquire the property.
Lionstone in a statement Tuesday said an agreement for Fuqua to perform development services “has been terminated at this time.”
Change in prospective control of the property left officials with CU and the city of Denver uncertain over when the campus redevelopment can finally be launched.
“(Jeff) Fuqua brought in Lionstone to be his financial partner; now Fuqua is out, and now Lionstone is taking over, and they’re bringing in another outfit to do some apartments,” University of Colorado president Bruce Benson said Monday. “It just goes on and on. It’s a never-ending saga.”
Denver City Council President Mary Beth Susman said city officials are “not sure of Fuqua’s and Lionstone’s relations

King Soopers yanks plans for store at old CU hospital site

King Soopers officials said Tuesday they’ve scrapped plans for a store at the former University of Colorado Hospital campus on Colorado Boulevard in Denver.

“The current site plan doesn’t allow us to create a store that’s functional or meets the expectation for our customer and to create a store for that unique Denver neighborhood,” said Kelli McGannon, a spokeswoman for the supermarket chain.

Read full article at

and at the Denver Post,

CBHD Memo Dec 26, 2012

Dear CBHD Board Members,
Thank you for your time and dedication to the CBHD throughout 2012. It was a challenging and somewhat tumultuous time, and your perseverance through it was greatly appreciated. I’m so sorry it became quite difficult at times.
We have several challenges as we begin 2013. I’ll briefly mention them here and then we can discuss them in greater detail at our next meeting. (more…)