Teller Elementary Food Backpack Program

Teller Elementary Backpack Families program needs your help.
Last year Teller Elementary realized that it had hungry students in its classrooms and started a “backpack for families” program which allowed them to feed 40 people each week and  Congress Park Neighbors made a donation to help.Through your generous support Teller Backpack Friends hope to feed 60 people a week, allowing students to concentrate on studies instead of a growling stomach.

You can help by:

  • Donating to Congress Park Neighbors Teller Back Pack Pay Pal site. Thru October, Congress Park Neighbors  will match each dollar up to the first $300 that is received.  Please note that we are unable to match recurring donations.  Please go here to donate. You do not have to have a Pay Pal account to pay with your credit card. Contact for questions.
  • Volunteering at Food Bank of the Rockies.  3 volunteer hours = 20 lbs. of free food
  • Donating to the Teller Backpack Friends fund.  $20 = 330 lbs of food for Teller students
  • Bring canned goods, plastic jars, bread and fresh fruit to the box by the cafeteria

Let’s make this a great year for Teller by nourishing all our students’ bodies and minds!

Questions: (Sandy Parker) or (Doña Dodson)

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