9th and Colorado Construction Look Ahead March 2017

To our 9th and Colorado redevelopment neighbors:
As with any development and construction project, there will be instances where the surrounding neighborhood could be impacted (i.e. traffic alterations, noise, etc.). The 9th and Colorado team will strive to keep everyone informed of upcoming activities that may impact you.

We will make efforts to identify major upcoming activities, but please recognize that the 9th & Colorado redevelopment is a large and complex effort and there will be times where construction activities and logistics change.

Below is the construction activity anticipated for this month, beginning the week of March 1, 2017:
9th and Colorado Redevelopment
• Infrastructure:
o Waterproofing of Vault 3 is complete and backfill will be finalized in March.
o Final underground structures north of 9th Avenue will be installed in March.
o Installation of storm inlets occurring in February which will finalize utilities north of 9th Avenue.
o Sleeving on dry utilities north of 9th Avenue will conclude in March.
o Grading for curb, gutter and cross pans is coming to a completion north of 9th Avenue.
o Curb, gutter and cross pans will be installed north of 9th Avenue in March following the final grading.
o Storm components on Rain Gardens A (11th/Ash) are complete and final stabilization stages are being implemented in March.
o The work on the traffic signal on 11th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard is completed and waiting on final power which is planned for March.
o Xcel will begin installing an electric line down 8th Avenue in March. Traffic control along 8th Avenue at Colorado Boulevard will be in place for this work.
o Construction of the wet utility crossings in 9th Avenue will finalize in March. The sanitary and storm sewer components are finalized and the water lines will conclude in March.
o Final tie in of installed wet utilities in 8th and 9th Avenue will occur in March.
o Overlot grading south of 9th Avenue and road grading will be completed in March.
o Median work on Colorado Boulevard between 10th Avenue and 11th Avenue was completed in February, creating a turn lane for the 11th Avenue traffic signal. This will open in March when the signal is powered up.
o Sanitary sewer south of 9th Ave has been installed.
o Installation of storm sewer and water on the south side of 9th Avenue will be completed in March.
o Signage and striping activities will take place in March and will require temporary lane closures on Colorado Boulevard and 11th Avenue.
o Parking spaces along the north side of 11th Avenue will be removed in order to make room for a dedicated turn lane on to Colorado Boulevard.
Block 7S (Residential Apartment Building):
o Metal framing of the 6th floor is complete, and framing on the 7th floor began in February. Framing will be ongoing until completion in March.
o Metal decking on each floor will be installed immediately following the framing and will phase this way until completion in March.
o Pouring of concrete decks on each floor will occur until the completion in March. Plans are to pour (1) area every week. To date the 4th and 5th floor SOMD are completed.
o Exterior framing has begun and will follow the SOMD until complete.
o Exterior weather barrier installation has begun and will follow exterior framing up the building until completed.
o Brick façade will begin in March.
o Installation of stairs into the cores has begun. Stair 1 is completed and Stair 2 is 50% completed to date. This will be ongoing until completed.
o Electrical and plumbing activities are underway and will be ongoing throughout the project.
o The major renovation work in the existing garage was completed in December. The modernization of the elevators is continuing through March.
o Door frames in the building have been installed through the 5th floor and will continue following framing until complete.

Ash Street Apartments (Koelbel and Mile High Affordable Housing development at 11th and Ash)
General Notes: There will be ongoing construction deliveries and movement of construction equipment in and around the site that may temporarily block a street lane for a short period of time but on site construction personal will direct traffic to avoid conflict. The entirety of the street parking lane between Hale Parkway and 11th Avenue on the east side of Ash Street is closed and is expected to remain closed until spring 2017. The sidewalk along Hale Parkway and the sidewalk along 11th Avenue stretching from property corner to property corner are currently closed and are expected to remain closed until spring of 2017.

o The exterior envelope of the building is ongoing and will continue through May. As noted above, this work will require deliveries that will take place during business hours and may temporarily block a street lane on Ash or 11th Avenue for a short period of time.
o Interior finishes including drywall, flooring, cabinetry, etc. work will also be ongoing throughout the spring inside the building. Various supply deliveries for these trades will continue to occur which may temporarily block a street lane on Ash or 11th Avenue for a short period of time.

We invite you to visit our website at http://9thandcolorado.com/ and encourage you to sign up for our community newsletter at http://9thandcolorado.com/contact/.

Continuum Partners
9Co Development Team

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