Increase Use of Alternative Transportation

Upcoming 2018 Earth Month Event

The small but mighty Alternative Transportation Action Team has big ideas for the 2018 year to help our friends and neighbors become more savvy with their transportation choices. Our goal is to help neighbors reduce their personal carbon footprint by increasing their use of alternative forms of transportation such as biking, walking, taking the bus and carpooling.

The Alternative Transportation Action Team is  planning several themed walking events around the neighborhood. Themed neighborhood walks are a great way to discover things about our neighborhood, see various green initiatives in action, and best of all meet your neighbors!

Check out our “Leave Your 4 Wheels Behind” Walk2Connect Tour on April 14, 2018.


Did you know – In addition to helping you stay in shape, research shows that moderate, daily exercise such as bicycling to work can prevent cognitive decline, sharpen memory and learning, and improve overall brain performance. So, while commuting by bike might not turn you into a Rhodes Scholar, it may make you better at your job.

For many neighbors, commuting by bike or foot are simply not viable options. The good news is that there are other options! Our team is looking into finding and promoting Denver resources that can help neighbors find other ways to make the daily commute rather than by their own car – e.g., car pool, van share or RTD. Stay tuned for more soon…  But in the meantime, Check out Way To Go, and find a car pool going your way.


Want to get involved??

We have a lot of great ideas and we can not wait to help Congress Park become the most environmentally friendly neighborhood in Denver.

Want to join us? Please contact Katie: or Becky:


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