Waste Diversion and Reduction

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Dealing with the waste generated in our society is an on-going challenge. Fortunately, it is a challenge we can each tackle relatively easily and successfully. The tools are available – it’s just up to us to act.

The Waste Diversion and Reduction Action Team (aka the Recycling Team) set as its goal to increase rates of recycling and composting throughout Congress Park by engaging businesses, multi-family and single family property owners and renters in city and neighborhood sponsored programs. This Spring, you’ll find team members helping neighbors understand the serious problems with plastic waste AND what they can do about it. In the Fall the Recycling Team helps neighbors divert bags of leaves from the trash via its Leaf Drop project. In 2017, over 1000 bags of Congress Park leaves went into compost, a much more useful outcome for our leaves!!

Additional projects identified for 2018 include:

Want to get involved?

Please contact and/or join us if you wish to help with any of these projects, and especially, if you have additional ideas that we might want to tackle.

Contact Nicole Malo at citygalmalo@gmail.com or Yvonne Salfinger at yhale@aol.com

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