Water Conservation

Perhaps one of the most important issues facing our region currently is water conservation. With increasing demand for water from the growing population along the Front Range, and projected decreases in water availability given changes in climate, conservation of this precious resource is more important than ever. The Water Conservation Action Team focuses on helping Congress Park neighbors find ways to reduce their water usage both inside and outside of the home.

Prior Green Team efforts focused on education events such as viewing & discussing the film “The Great Divide” (local copies of film are available from the Green Team), and hosting a presentation by Denver Water on Water Efficiency in our Neighborhood (see presentation below).

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In 2018-2019, the Water Conservation Action Team is exploring hosting events such as:

  • A Workshop on Indoor Water Savings Opportunities
  • A Campaign to support Efficient Landscape Irrigation
  • Partnering with the Denver Botanic Gardens to promote Xeriscaping Workshops and Resources
  • Promoting Rain Barrels

Want to get involved?

The Water Conservation Action Team needs volunteers interested in water conservation and water-wise landscaping. If you are interested, please contact Carmen Bernado at cbernedo@yahoo.com  or Liz Goehring at lizg313@gmail.com

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