Audio Meet & Greet – District 10 Candidates

On Feb 18 2015 Congress Park Neighbors hosted a District 10 Candidate “Meet and Greet”

Moderator Lisa Bingham:
Lisa is a sustainability professional with over ten years of experience. She is currently the Program Coordinator for the Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law where she develops educational programs on land use issues. Despite being surrounded by lawyers and aspiring lawyers, Lisa does not have a legal background. She earned a degree in triple bottom line sustainability: an MBA in real estate and sustainability, and an MS in environmental sociology. Lisa is originally from Maine by way of Boston, but has been in Colorado for over 10 years.

The candidates speaking order was determined by a random draw.

They are:

Wayne New, Travis Lieker, Chris Chiari, Anna Jones, Chris Wedor

Please select the arrow below to listen to the audio transcript of the candidates reply to questions from  Congress Park Neighbors and the audience

The following questions were sent to the candidate prior to the meeting.

Question #1 (4 min. ea.)
In 1995 the Congress Park Neighborhood Plan was adopted and implemented by the City of Denver and neighborhood residents. In the last few years it has been widely reported the Denver is experiencing rapid growth and in a recent neighborhood survey our residents have expressed concerns about future impacts of density, development, small business, transportation and zoning.
What do you see as the greatest threat to our neighborhood stability within the context of our Congress Park Neighborhood Plan?

Question #2 (2 min. ea.)
Congress Park Neighbors would seek to have better access, increased availability and advocacy from our council member.
How would you be able to provide that?

Question #3 (2 min. ea.)
In looking at issues in front of City Council currently. Please address one important topic and strategies you might employ in the resolution?

Question #4 (1 min. ea.)
Moderator to ask one follow up question based on candidates responses.

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