Earth Day 2017

Think Globally, Act Locally!

2nd Annual Congress Park Earth Day Festival

Saturday April 22, 2017 1:00 to 5:00 pm

1100 Fillmore St

Denver, CO 80206

Festival will go on indoors at 1100 Fillmore St!

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Map To Capital Heights Faith Communities


Transportation Options In CPN

Printable Poster and Flyers

Thank you to Andrew Ouellette, Graphic Designer for designing our gorgeous festival poster! Download and print your own full-size poster or 1/4-page flyers.

About the Festival

Congress Park Neighbors Green Team presents a free Earth Day neighborhood party on Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 1 pm to 5 pm. The event is FREE and open to the public, and will be held at Capitol Heights Faith Communities on 1100 Fillmore Street. This year’s theme is “Think Globally, Act Locally!”

Fun for all ages! Join us for music, food, art, games, activities and prizes. Learn how to think globally by learning about global climate change and by writing notes of welcome, appreciation, and inclusion for our local refugee community. Learn how to act locally through hands-on exhibits about pollinators, recycling, composting and so much more!

Find out what the Congress Park Neighbors Green Team has been up to! Learn about our initiatives, talk with neighbors to get answers and volunteer with us.

Many thanks to our Summit Sponsor, Capitol Heights Faith Communities, for providing the venue and meeting space for the Green Team.

Our Theme: Think Globally, Act Locally!

This year’s theme was chosen because we are working to mobilize Congress Park neighbors to take action right here under our feet. These actions also help the City of Denver meet our citywide Sustainability Goals. By doing our part, we are having a positive impact on our neighborhood and the world.

Getting There


Festival Visitors Guide

  • Bring your own reusable water bottle and/or coffee cup to reduce waste.
  • Food and drinks are available. Donations suggested to support Denver Food Rescue.
  • Play our Scavenger Hunt game! Visit as many of the 20 booths as possible and commit to making change to earn points
  • Use points at prize table to win prizes.
  • Kids: Visit the youth art and face-painting booth!
  • Enjoy the music!
  • Bad weather? No problem! Festival will go in indoors, instead.
  • Learn about the Congress Park Neighbors Green Team and sign up to get involved!


Take an Action! Win a Prize!

Thanks to our generous donors for prizes! Make a commitment at the festival to take an action and play for a prize! Play our Scavenger Hunt game by visiting as many exhibits as possible to earn credits.

Arrive early, participate and win a prize!

Win a gift card for local food and drink:

Win a gift or service from local businesses:


  • Local musicians will be performing throughout the festival. The tentative schedule includes:
  • Hop on an Energy Bike and pedal! Help us power the sound system! Energy Bikes generously provided by EnergiSimple.


Help us raise money to support Denver Food Rescue!

Food and drinks available at no cost but donations are encouraged. Donations will go to support Denver Food Rescue. Bring a reusable coffee cup and/or water bottle to earn a ticket and play for prizes!



Learn how to act locally by talking with experts and neighbors at over 20 themed exhibits. Many of our exhibits are collaborative efforts, bringing you more expertise and fun!


  • Congress Park Neighbors Green Team
  • Sustainable Neighborhood Network
  • Booth: Welcome and orientation. Find out about our green team activities and how to get involved. Contribute to our neighborhood green asset map.
  • Prize Table: Redeem your tickets for prizes.
  • Call to Action: Sign up to get green team newsletter, volunteer, or contribute to asset map.


  • African Community Center
  • Booth: Welcome Notes for Refugees. Write notes of welcome, appreciation, and inclusion for our local refugee community. ACC will deliver your notes of encouragement!
  • Call to Action: Sign up for ECDC ACC’s newsletter and for our advocacy group. “Like ACC” on Facebook.


  • Congress Park Neighbors Green Team
  • Independence House Fillmore
  • Booth: Information about how to do clean up your alley or your block on the Great Denver Cleanup date of May 21, 2017 or anytime!
  • Call to Action: Sign up to do an alley clean up.


  • Denver Bicycle Cafe
  • Booth: Bicycle Repairs – Free minor adjustments, flat repairs, bike spirit! Drop by to get your chain lubed, tires pumped up, bolts checked.
  • Call to Action: Ride your bike!


  • Accelerate Climate Action brings climate action to the neighborhood level
    • Booth:  TBD
    • Call to Action: Attend a community forum.
  • Citizen’s Climate Lobby, South Denver Chapter
    • Booth: Learn about our Carbon Fee and Dividend Proposal.
    • Call to Action: Support the passage of a fair, effective, and sustainable climate solution.


  • Capitol Heights Faith Communities Community Garden is a resource by and for the community.
  • Booth: Plant a seed in the garden.
  • Call to Action: Come back to care for and weed around your seed.


  • Grant Farms
  • Monroe Organic Farm
  • Booth: Learn about options for getting local produce every week through a Colorado CSA.
  • Call to Action: Sign up to get more information or sign up for a CSA


  • Congress Park Neighbors Green Team
  • Denver Urban Gardens Master Composters
  • Booth: Backyard Composting: Come chunk some “green” compostable materials in our model compost bin. Then cover it up with “browns” to keep the critters out and smells in!
  • Call to Action: Sign up to get help setting up your own backyard composting bin.



  • St Ignatius Loyola Denver: Care for Our Common Home Team
  • Booth: Engines Off. Learn how turning your engine off is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve air quality. Separate fact from myth at this booth’s activity.
  • Call to Action: Sign Pledge to Stop Unnecessary Vehicle Idling


  • Denver Food Rescue increases health equity in Denver by reducing barriers to fresh, healthy food in low-income and food deserts communities.
    • Booth: Make smoothies using our bike blender while learning about food waste.
    • Call to Action: Sign up for DFR’s newsletter to learn what you can do to reduce food waste.
  • Fresh Food Connect is an app that allows home gardeners to donate extra produce to people in their community who need it.
    • Booth: Ugly Produce Photo Booth. Learn about how home gardeners can help combat hunger and food waste in your community!
    • Call to Action: Sign up for Fresh Food Connect.


  • Denver Parks and Recreation, Forestry is the City agency responsible for trees in public parks, parkways and other public property.
    • Booth: Be A Smart Ash  Learn about Emerald Ash Borers.
    • Call to Action: Develop a plan for dealing with their ash tree when Emerald Ash Borer arrives.
  • The Park People works to preserve, enhance, and advocate for Denver’s parks, recreation resources, open space and urban forest.
    • Booth: Speak for the Trees …and the Parks! Trivia quiz and paper Lorax mustache reminders to speak for the trees.
    • Call to Action: Sign-up to receive the Park Bench newsletter, to request low-cost trees, and/or information about volunteer opportunities.


City & County of Denver: Certifiably Green Denver 

  • Congress Park Green Team
  • Booth: Interactive trivia game about strategies for greening businesses and list of local Certifiably Green Businesses
  • Call to Action: Commit to visiting a Certifiably Green Denver business within 30 days.

Green Door Fitness (Certified Green Business)

  • Booth: Green Door Fitness invites visitors to participate in a community clean up to get exercise and clean up our surroundings.
  • Call to Action: Commit to go for a hike!


  • Congress Park Neighbors Green Team
  • Denver Energy Challenge: Residential energy efficiency program at the City and County of Denver. Energy advisors help residents save energy and money through this voluntary program.
    • Booth: Guess how much energy various lights and appliances use. Explore options for improving your home energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint.
    • Call to Action: Sign up for visit with a solar provider. Change to LED for home lighting. Pledge to install an insulated outlet insert to save energy.



  • Front Range Wild Ones is dedicated to preserving, restoring, and creating environmentally sustainable landscapes and gardens with an emphasis on native plants
    • Booth: Match the Pollinator with the Flower
    • Call to Action: Sign up for the Wild Ones newsletter . Become a part of Wild Ones to enhance your own yard or outdoor space as well as be part of the movement.


  • People and Pollinators Action Network works in Colorado to protect people, pollinators and the planet.
    • Booth: Play a fun game while learning about how to protect butterflies, bees and other pollinators.
    • Call to Action: Take the Pollinator-Safe Planting Pledge.
  • Monarch Joint Venture coordinates monarch research initiatives.
    • Booth: Purchase a t-shirt to support monarch research.


  • EarthLinks 
    • Booth: Rain barrel and EarthLinks hand-made eco-friendly products for sale
    • Call to Action: Volunteer with EarthLinks or sign up for the newsletter.
  • Congress Park Neighbors Green Team
    • Sign up for Apr 25 Rainbarrel  and Water Conservation Workshop.


  • Congress Park Neighbors Green Team
  • Booth: Recycling Roundup: Test your knowledge for sorting your trash!
  • Call to Action: Commit to increase your recycling. Commit to better recycling by knowing recycling guidelines.


  • Congress Park Neighbors Green Team hosts book and movie discussions geared toward helping us learn about an issue, then deciding how we can take action.
  • Booth: Learn how to reduce your plastic pollution, inspired by our “Plastic Purge” SEED Discussion.
  • Call to Action: Commit to at least one activity over the coming month to reduce water consumption and/or use of plastics.


  • Congress Park Neighbors Green Team
  • Booth: Choose seeds, plant them, water them and take them home to watch them sprout and grow. Seed starting can spur a life-long enthusiasm for nurturing the plants that nurture them. Experiment with starting more challenging plants in the future.
  • Call to Action: Plant your baby plants at home,


  • Sewall Child Development Center
  • Congress Park Neighbors Green Team
  • Booth: Use all your senses to connect with plants that we use in a sensory garden.
  • Call to Action: Sign up to volunteer to help with the Sewall Sensory Garden.


  • Congress Park Neighbors Green Team
  • Booth: Do you know which foods are vegan? Play our game! Get recipes and learn about the benefits of vegan eating.
  • Call to Action: Give veganism a try by going vegan once a week.



  • Congress Park Neighbors Green Team
  • Booth: Participate in face painting, design nature hats, learn about wildlife and paint or draw animals.
  • Call to Action: Talk to friends about what they can do at home to help planet.


Volunteer With Us!

Volunteers are needed now and on the day of the event to help make this event a success! Check out our volunteer application form for more details.

Volunteer with Us!


Thank You to our generous sponsors!

Summit Sponsor


Forest Level Sponsor ($500 and up)

Thank you for the donation of 100 Chinook Books ($1,800 value)!


Thank you for donating over $500 in gift certificates for services!


Thank you for providing Caribou Coffee drinks, served from the Tuk-Tuk!


Thank you for donation of bagels for event and for our planning meetings!


for contribution of 8 Quick-Tune Gift Cards ($520 value)


for donation of Chinook Book coupon books


Tree Level Sponsors ($250)


Sapling Level Sponsors ($100)

Sprout Sponsors (In-kind Donations)


Thanks to Denver Sustainable Neighborhood Network for year-round assistance with the Green Team initiatives and for printing our flyers and banner!

Thanks to Kleenatap for providing filtered water. Bring your own reusable water bottle!


Thanks to energisimple for providing bicycles to power the music!


Become a Sponsor or Donate a Prize

Show your commitment to environmental stewardship and support our efforts! Whether you are a local or eco-friendly business, or an individual, we welcome your contribution! Register by March 15, 2017.

  • Donate an eco-friendly prize to use as a giveway at the event or as part of our sustainability programs.
  • Help us by promoting the event to your networks and become a promoting sponsor.
  • Contribute food or equipment and become an in-kind sponsor.
  • Make a cash donation of $100, $250 or $500. This money helps us pay for advertising and other tools to make the event and our sustainability initiatives successful.


Getting There


Take the bus: #10 bus runs one block away from the venue. #15 Colfax bus runs four blocks north of the venue. #6 bus runs on 8th Avenue, just three blocks south of the venue.
Carpool: Park on 11th or 12th Avenue.


Zero Waste

We are working to achieve certification as a Certifiably Green Event. We ask exhibitors and visitors to help us meet this standard by reducing the amount of landfill waste generated. See the exhibitor application for more details.


Exhibitor Booth Registration: Closed

The deadline to apply was March 10, 2017. Registration is free but space is limited. Exhibitor booths are open to schools, youth groups, nonprofits, government agencies and farmers, as well as Congress Park area Certifiably Green Businesses. Each booth must have a fun and engaging learning activity to help teach ways to green our neighborhood and our world!

Exhibitor Requirements and Application


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