Sustainable Landscapes

Congress Park residents have a wealth of “green” knowledge and expertise on gardening with native plants and xeric landscaping. Through various landscaping projects described below, the Green Team seeks to promote water conservation, support pollinators, encourage stewardship of ecosystems, and build community. If you have interest and/or expertise in this area, consider joining the Green Team and getting involved!

Green Team Sustainable Landscapes Team Leads: Marilyn Mitchell, Kimberly Rickards, Emily Hunter, Susan Teige

Proposed projects:

Feed the bees!

Feed the bees!

Pollinator-Friendly Congress Park focuses on raising awareness of the plight of pollinators and offers simple steps urban dwellers can take for the benefit of pollinators and humans alike. In partnership with neighborhood experts on pollinator-friendly gardening, as well as with People and Pollinators Action Network, The Bees Waggle, Butterfly Pavilion and Denver Botanic Gardens, this project will promote pollinator-friendly gardening through workshops, film screenings, a children’s Pollinator book (in-progress), a guide to local resources, yard signs indicating participation and a “Make the Pollinator Promise” campaign to avoid chemical pesticides and to create and protect pollinator habitat.

Water-Wise Landscaping focuses on water conservation that can be achieved through xeriscaping and water-wise lawn and garden care. This project includes helping neighbors understand the benefits of xeriscape landscaping, minimizing water runoff and using rain barrels.  CPNGT members hope to partner with Denver Water to offer water conservation workshops, and conduct xeric garden/landscape tours in the neighborhood.

REACH Academy Garden Development Support is a collaboration project between CPNGT members, University of Denver Landscape Architecture students and the local REACH Academy, to design and build a garden on school property. The goal is to create a garden space that meets the needs of students with special developmental and physical needs. The CPNGT also seeks to foster community engagement by creating a pleasant, accessible space for many users.

Congress Park Loves Trees: The CPNGT envisions providing neighborhood tree tours and tree-planting event with Denver Digs Trees.

If you have questions about these projects or would like to know how to get involved, contact Marilyn Mitchell at


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