Congress Park’s Sustainable Neighborhood Proposed Initiatives

In June 2016, Congress Park Neighbors was accepted into Denver’s Sustainable Neighborhoods Program.  Neighborhoods participating in this unique certification program organize workshops, projects, and events that reduce residents’ ecological footprint and enhance the livability of their neighborhood. The program gives residents the opportunity to become active partners in making Denver a vibrant and sustainable community.

Congress Park Neighbors Green Team’s Proposed Initiatives include:

Connecting Community

This initiative creates channels for engaging neighbors and local businesses in supporting sustainability, using novel approaches such as community based social marketing and more traditional neighbor-to-neighbor communication and relationship building. Major components include Green Asset Mapping/Sharing and continuation of the annual Earth Day Festival. The overall goal is to empower Congress Park neighbors to work as a community toward a common goal of sustainable living.

Home Energy Conservation

The goals of this initiative are to help Congress Park neighbors improve home energy efficiency, increase use of alternative energy sources and create additional conservation actions. Projects include home energy workshops on energy-conservation techniques, and residential and community solar programs, provided in collaboration with Denver Energy Challenge, EPA, Colorado PACE and local solar experts. see more…

Sustainable Landscapes

Congress Park residents have a wealth of “green” knowledge and expertise that includes gardening with native plants and xeric landscaping. The goals of this initiative are to promote water conservation, support pollinators, encourage stewardship of ecosystems, and build community. see more…

Clean Neighborhood

This initiative focuses on helping residents understand how to reduce the amount of waste they generate, dispose of waste properly, and promote clean streets and alleys. Green Team members will provide recycling and composting education, organize Alley Clean-Up events, and promote street sweeping through a creative yard signs campaign. see more…

To download a copy of the application, click here: CongressPark SNN Application.

To find out how to get involved, contact 


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