Wayne New’s News January 2016


Even though the rental of residential property for fewer than 30 days at a time is prohibited, it has become an unregulated common practice in many City areas as well as in many cities in the US and overseas. Over the past year Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman has chaired the City Council Neighborhoods and Planning Committee, evaluating Short Term Rental (STR) programs in other cities and addressing key operational issues. READ MORE

Methadone Clinic Regulation


Congress Park Neighbors has received information that a Methadone Dispensary/Local Control bill is scheduled to be heard by the House State Government, Military and Veterans affairs committee this Wednesday January 27 at 10:00am . This bill , the Methadone Dispensary/Local Control Bill, will be heard at the Legislative Services Building, 200 East 14th Ave in Denver.

Documentation of the bill can be found here: READ MORE

Colfax Options


The City and its partners on the Colfax Corridor Connections project will share the results of an environmental analysis of Bus Rapid Transit on the corridor and gather input from the community.

Some plans include commuter buses down Colfax during peak times with dedicated lanes. READ MORE

Volunteer Opportunity


The Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) recently formalized the involvement of Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNOs) in the design review process for large-scale projects in historic districts. These types of projects include 2nd-story additions, new infill construction, and accessory dwelling units (ADUs). The new design review procedures and requirements are intended to: READ MORE



Staff from Excise and Licenses and Community Planning and Development—in partnership with Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman—will be hosting four town hall meetings and presenting to Denver’s Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation’s Zoning and Planning Committee to outline the proposed STR licensing framework, answer questions and get feedback from the community. READ MORE

December Holiday Hoaxes


You may have noticed some of your Facebook and Instagram friends posting content about a “secret sister gift exchange.” Even though the “secret sister gift exchange” sounds promising, it is considered a hoax that has gone viral. The “secret sister gift exchange” message says that if you buy a gift of $10 or more and add your name to a list, then you will receive 36 gifts. NOT TRUE. READ MORE