Public Hearing for Zoo April 20 2015

Dear Neighborhood Leaders:

Attached is the Denver Zoo’s final building plan that illustrates their plans for physical building locations and future construction as part of their new long-term 2015 Master Plan.  Also attached, per Denver’s Revised Municipal Code (D.R.M.C., Sec. 39-212; Sec. 12-96), is an official notice that Denver Parks and Recreation has received the building plan from the Denver Zoo and that a public hearing to discuss the plan will be held at an upcoming Denver City Council Meeting.  Per Denver’s municipal code, the zoo must seek approval from City Council for any building over 3,000 square feet or more than 35 feet tall. 

The Denver City Council will conduct a public hearing at their regular weekly council meeting on Monday, April 20th.  This hearing has been postponed for one week from its original date of April 13 due to DPR’s lack of prior notification to Registered Neighborhood Organizations that this notice now serves.


Update on Dustin Redd Playground in City Park from Parks and Rec

In 2014, we invested approximately $40,000 to replace all poured-in-place surfaces at the playground, as well as a slide and missing swings. We also repaired all of the rope climbers, added 30 yards of wood fibar surface, sanded and stained all the wood surfaces, and painted all of the remaining surfaces purple.

· In the coming month, we will be doing additional maintenance at the playground in preparation for a volunteer project on Wednesday, April 22, 2015. The project is the Starbucks Day of Service, which includes approximately 200 employees from local Starbucks stores. They will be focused specifically on City Park with some of their work including projects at the Dustin Redd Playground.

In addition to the playground, we have other projects that will soon get started in City Park, including the restoration of the Deboer Waterway, Prismatic Fountain and the Sullivan Gateway. These projects will start this spring/summer and carry through next year.

Variance hearing for the the Rec. Center

Variance hearing for the the Rec. Center at the corner of Colfax and Josephine across from East High School is set for 11:00am on 4/7/15 at the Webb Building room 2, H, 14.
Proposed Site Plan
By Aaron Goldhamer
    Here is some of the information concerning the City’s requested variance within existing C-MS-8 zoning for the Central Denver Recreation Center I mentioned today at our meeting. I’ve attached the zoning appeal, as well as a graphic presented at a Stakeholders meeting on 1/7/15 with a presentation from Brad Buchanan which shows a “Potential Future Development” area (last page of the file, note somewhat different parking arrangement). The hearing on the variance is at 11 AM on 4/7/15 in the Webb Building, room 2.H.14. Letters in support due by March 24th to, opposition should contact the City Board of Adjustment at 720.913.3050
    As I mentioned, I think the variance makes sense to maximize the available space on the site. What that space may be used for, however, may be hotly contested.


2015 City Council Candidate Questionnaire

In March of 2015 Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation sent all Candidates for City Council a questionnaire comprised of 26 questions, provided here.  The questions were composed by members of the INC Committees: Education, Parks and Recreation, Transportation, and Zoning and Planning and in several cases provided an explanation for the question. Please go here to see all the districts. 

Interested only in District 10, here it is