Yard Harvest 2014

The Deal

When you were younger, did your parents ever tell you to finish your plate because there are children starving in a far off place, and you thought, ‘Well, why not send it to them?’

Yard Harvest works  on this solution, just on a more local level.

Harvest Season 2014: How are those blossoms looking?

Donate your unused produce, apples, cherries, peaches to Yard Harvest. Their volunteers harvest the food, leave a portion with the homeowners, and deliver the rest to daycare centers, homes for the elderly, community kitchens, and other charities that serve people around Denver who are at risk of going without fresh, healthy food.

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25th Annual Salute to Seniors Expo

The Fab 4 – Premiere Beatles Tribute Band Headlines at the

25th Annual Salute to Seniors Expo

Denver, CO.  The first of the baby boomer generation born in 1946 was just turning 18 years old when the Beatles made their debut in the United States on the Ed Sullivan show in February, 1964.  Chances are if you’re a baby boomer, you might also be a Beatles fan.

 To relive some of the mid-late 60’s Beatles rock nostalgia, join the fun at the 25th Annual Salute to Seniors at the Colorado Convention Center on Saturday, May 31. The Fab 4, a Beatles Tribute Band, will take the stage in concert to bring you back to a time when four lads from Liverpool ruled the world of music.  Continue reading