Staff from Excise and Licenses and Community Planning and Development—in partnership with Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman—will be hosting four town hall meetings and presenting to Denver’s Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation’s Zoning and Planning Committee to outline the proposed STR licensing framework, answer questions and get feedback from the community. READ MORE

December Holiday Hoaxes


You may have noticed some of your Facebook and Instagram friends posting content about a “secret sister gift exchange.” Even though the “secret sister gift exchange” sounds promising, it is considered a hoax that has gone viral. The “secret sister gift exchange” message says that if you buy a gift of $10 or more and add your name to a list, then you will receive 36 gifts. NOT TRUE. READ MORE

New’s Letter Nov 2015


Over the years the City of Denver has made improvements, some of which may have had the best intentions for desired results but which have not clearly addressed potential detrimental side effects – those unintended consequences. Let’s focus on a couple of examples.

DEVELOPMENT, PARKING, TRAFFIC, AND TRANSIT – Cherry Creek and other areas of the City have experienced tremendous growth and development. With this growth has come greater density due to the scarcity and high cost of land, driving developers to create buildings with more height and scale READ MORE

Parks and Recreation Event Rest Periods

In 2014 and 2015 a cap was in place that did not allow new races and walks in Denver. In 2015 the cap
was extended to include special events. With the cap expiring for the 2016 season, there was insufficient
time to analyze the data and to promulgate new rules, including stakeholder involvement prior to the
opening of permits for the 2016 season on November 2nd. We determined that something needed to be
put in place to manage the anticipated influx of requests to hold events until new rules are adopted at the
end of the 2016 season. The impetus for this decision is the Ordinance that provides priority status for
events that occur in the same park on the same date(s) for two consecutive years. These events have the
right to continue into the future as long as the location and date(s) remain the same and would pre-empt
any new rules that might result from a more thorough review process. READ MORE