News Letter: Winter 2016

District 10 City Council 2016 Report
2016 has been a busy and productive year throughout the City and especially in District 10. City Council has addressed many important City issues, such as new marijuana regulations, the short term rental program, storm water drainage project and fees implementation, affordable housing funding, and Citywide strategic planning processes onland use, transit / transportation / mobility, parks, and recreational resources – all of which impact our district.

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Solar Interviews By Dr Larry Grimm

As Part of an online workshop series Congress Park sustainable neighbor Dr. Larry Grimm has interviewed professionals from two solar providers, Golden Solor and Sunrun. These recordings are available for anyone interested in learning more about the process and costs from two companies in the area.

No endorsement is intended or implied.

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The Neighborhood Planning Initiative (NPI) is a new commitment to cover 100% of the city with area plans. This will be achieved over a period of approximately 10-14 years, or faster if resources allow (under Denver’s current planning approach of conducting one or two neighborhood plans at a time, this would take approximately 78 years to achieve). Under the banner of NPI, area planning will occur according to a consistent, streamlined process common to all plans. The multi-year work program will occur according to a predictable schedule laid out in advance. Once 100% coverage of the city is achieved, NPI will continue by cycling back through and updating the completed plans for each area.

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Congress Park Neighbors Green Team December Newsletter

Upcoming Meetings & Events

“Certifiably Green Denver” Project Meeting
CPNGT is teaming up with Denver’s “Certifiably Green Denver” to help Congress Park businesses Go Green! If you are interested in getting involved, come to our next meeting to learn more. All are welcome!

Date/Time: Thursday, Dec 8, 5:00-6:00 PM
Location: Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church, 11th & Fillmore
For more info: Liz Goehring (

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What Denverites are Saying

What Denverites are Saying
What we’ve heard about your vision for Denver

Hundreds turn out for Community Workshops

The Denveright team hosted visioning workshops at five different locations across the city on October 4 and 5, bringing Denverites together to help shape the city for decades to come. Each workshop included an opening presentation, hands-on activities to provide input on various plan elements, and open-mic listening sessions.

Many conversations and activities at the five workshops covered a lot of ground. Common themes that emerged included equity and affordability, strong and authentic neighborhoods, improved connectivity, environmental resiliency, safety and community health.

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The Congress Park Neighbors Board represents the neighborhood with various groups whose
work impacts Congress Park neighborhood, such as INC, and the City Park and Botanic Gardens
neighborhood liaison groups. Some Congress Park Board members are also
members of INC and City Park Friends and Neighbors (CPFAN). They keep CPN, Inc. apprised
of issues as INC shares issues affecting large swaths of the city, and as CPFAN addresses
best practices for maintaining City Park as a green oasis for the city and its nearby neighbors.

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