Colorado Boulevard Health Care District Feb 6, 2014

Dear CBHD Members and Guests

Please find below the Agenda for the next meeting of the Colorado Boulevard Health Care District.

The meeting will be held on Thursday, February 6th at 4:00 pm at National Jewish Health.  Steve Zweck-Bronner from the University of Colorado will give an update about the selection of a new developer.  An announcement of the new developer will not be made at this meeting.  We hope to hear where the Selection Committee and the Regents are in the selection process
and a timetable for the ultimate announcement of their choice.

We hope that you can join us.  Thank you for your continued interest in the CBHD

and the redevelopment of 9th & Colorado Boulevard.

Best Regards,

Andrea Dikeou

Interim Chair

Colorado Boulevard Health Care District


CBHD Memo Dec 26, 2012

Dear CBHD Board Members,
Thank you for your time and dedication to the CBHD throughout 2012. It was a challenging and somewhat tumultuous time, and your perseverance through it was greatly appreciated. I’m so sorry it became quite difficult at times.
We have several challenges as we begin 2013. I’ll briefly mention them here and then we can discuss them in greater detail at our next meeting. (more…)

CBHD Meeting Sept. 6, 4:00 at Hill Middle School

CBHD Board meeting this Thursday, September 6th at 4:00 p.m. at Hill Middle School (451 Clermont Parkway).  Please note the change in meeting location to Hill Middle School.  Parking is limited on the west side of the building but ample street parking is available.  Since the meeting begins at 4:00 p.m., please be respectful of the end-of-school-day activities at Hill prior to the start of our meeting.

The September CBHD meeting will only focus on transportation and public finance issues.  Questions and answers will be limited to the two agenda topics because most of the current questions have centered on these two topics.  Transportation issues will be addressed regarding both the proposed Fuqua development as well as the adjacent property to the south of the site (former Annie’s development).  City of Denver personnel, traffic engineers, and development team representatives will provide an overview of the transportation systems and requirements per the approved General Development Plan.  After the presentation, there will be an opportunity for questions and answers regarding the transportation issues only.  45 minutes has been allotted for the transportation presentation and question/answers.  Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA) will give a presentation on public financing and describe how tax increment financing (TIF) is utilized in many Denver projects.  After the presentation, there will be an opportunity for questions and answers regarding the DURA presentation only . 45 minutes has been allocated for this portion of the agenda.


 1.    CBHD Agenda Sept 6 2012

2.    Amended 9th/Colorado GDP, Design Guidelines, Conceptual Images