Community Resource Officer Snow White from Denver Police Department

The city is experiencing an uptick in street robberies in the last several weeks. We’d like you to have some tips to keep yourself safe:
Always be aware of your surroundings and when possible walk with a group of friends
Avoid or limit distractions, such as using your phone, and notice people who pass you
Avoid dark areas and short-cuts
Avoid passing close to shrubbery
Park and walk in well-lit and well traveled streets
Be discreet with valuables
At night, take a flashlight
Use your cell phone only in an emergency
If any vehicle approaches and you are threatened or you are being followed:
Switch directions or cross the street
Look for an open business or a nearby home for assistance
Head for a well-lighted area where there are other people
Don’t accept or give rides to strangers
Be prepared to protect yourself if someone attempts to force you into a vehicle
Scream and run in a direction opposite of the vehicle
Call or have someone call 911


Our representative  from Congress Park to the Central Denver Rec Center stake holder group, Aaron Goldhamer provided this report. It is presented in its entirety . Pictures were also provided by Aaron.  Thank you very much Aaron

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Dear CPN,
I am writing to report on the Stakeholders meeting that was held on 1/7/15 regarding the Central Denver Rec Center.  I hope this recap is informative!  I’ve attached the agenda that was circulated with my notes thereon. Rec_Center_Meeting_Agenda_1.7.15

We heard about–and saw–a revised layout for the design. Continue reading

New Date Set For Second Installation on Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge

New Date Set For Second Installation on Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge

I-25 from Colorado Blvd. to Evans Ave. to close Jan. 16 for work

 DENVER, CO – The truss was put into place last month on the Colorado Center bicycle and pedestrian bridge–now it’s time for the arch! Crews will install the 40-foot high arch over I-25 between Colorado Boulevard and Evans Avenue in the overnight hours starting Friday night, January 16.

Denver Public Works postponed installation of the arch in December to allow the contractor more time to assemble the arch and review installation plans.  The new schedule will fully close I-25 from Colorado Boulevard to Evans Avenue for a 12-hour period starting 10pm Friday night, January 16, into Saturday morning, January 17, weather permitting: Continue reading