Congress Park Neighbors Green Team October Newsletter


The CPNGT wishes to send a big shout out to some special people who have been instrumental in getting our neighborhood green team up and running. Sadly, each of these folks is moving on, either to other neighborhoods (no!!) or on to other related projects (phew! at least we not completely losing them!). Before they go too far, we wanted to let them know how much we appreciate all they contributed and that we are happy to have had the good fortune to work together and get to know each other, at least a bit.

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New’s Letter October 2016

Below is a comparison of the 2016 and the proposed 2017 General Fund budgets. The revised 2016 budget is slightly modified due to unanticipated expenses, such as the additional personnel required for the building permitting process. City Council has been meeting and reviewing various City department budget requests and will have the opportunity to present additional funding requests for specific issues to the Mayor on October 4th. The budget will be finalized and approved by City Council in November.

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General Election Ballots To Be Mailed in October


Ballots for the General Election are scheduled to be mailed the third week in October, and are due by Tuesday, November 8th. People can register and vote on the same day at Voter Service and Polling Centers as late as November 8th. The ballot is long. Among the many elected offices, there are 15 questions Denver voters will be asked to decide.

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2016 DA Debate with the Colorado Independent


It’s often said that a district attorney has more direct power over people’s lives than a mayor. If that’s so, Denver voters need to know who’s running and how he or she differs from outgoing Denver DA Mitch Morrissey.

Where do the candidates stand on prosecuting the homeless and mental ill? What are they thinking about racial profiling, excessive force and the city’s longstanding pattern of not prosecuting killer cops and sheriff’s deputies?

One thing is for sure though, it is history (or herstory) in the making because this DA will be Denver’s first woman to hold this office

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What is your vision for Denver?


Denveright will be a community-driven process from start to finish. Our community will be able to share ideas online via a series of surveys at, and via other online methods, or can participate in community workshops and public meetings. Additionally, anyone interested in playing a more active role in planning can apply to join the “Community Think Tank” to help guide the planning process. All are invited to join the conversation via the hashtag #denveright on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Subject: Carla Madison Recreation Center Update


Retail Pad Site

The project team has elected to remove the retail pad site from the market. The area will be built as part of the plaza and includes site concrete and landscaping features. This land will remain a City asset and can be considered for future development at a later date.

Current Construction

Many of you have probably driven by the site of the future Carla Madison Recreation Center and seen the concrete, masonry, and steel structure that has been erected. Starting last week large steel joists were delivered. These joists are very large and require street parking closures. The project team tried to move the date of this work to occur before school started but was unable to do so. Deliveries will be limited to the hours of 9:00am to 3:00pm in order minimize impact on school-related traffic. The street parking on the southbound lanes of the Esplanade are closed between 17th and 16th Ave. and there is a police officer stationed at the intersection of 17th Ave and Esplanade to assist in the safety of the operation.

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