Earth Day Festival Call For Volunteers!!

April 22, 2017 1-5pm

1100 block between Fillmore and Milwaukee

Calling all volunteers!  Volunteers are needed now and on the day of the event to help make this event a success!

Opportunities include:

  • Day of event “Floater” Volunteers – help with booths, Outreach to businesses, neighbors and potential exhibitors, Graphic design, Marketing,Set up and take down,Organize food


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Say goodby to your privately owned barrels and dumpsters.  

In correspondence with Charlotte Pittman, Denver Solid  Waste, tentative plans for conversion to city owned barrel trash collection shouild start  in July 2017, with educational outreach beginning in April 2017. We have been contacted by residents regarding concerns about the elderly trying to navigate the new carts down many stairs to the curb.     At this point it looks like if pickup is in the alley it will continue to be in the alley.  


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CPNGT February Newsletter

CPN Achieves “Participating Neighborhood” Certification!
Many thanks to all of the Congress Park neighbors involved with projects aimed at helping us reduce our environmental footprint while also improving the sustainability of our neighborhood. Since Congress Park’s acceptance into Denver’s Sustainable Neighborhood Network in August 2016, neighbors have brainstormed, designed and initiated a variety of projects, from a Recycling Workshop to Alley-Cleanups, each moving us just a few steps closer towards certification.
Did you know, for example, that our recent Leaf Drop project diverted over 200 bags of leaves from the landfill AND earned our neighborhood 16 credits?!? All because a neighbor like you had a great idea.

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Green Team Historic Home Energy Efficiency

Historic homes are part of the charm of Congress Park. But older homes can face some unique hurdles to achieving comfort and energy efficiency. If you missed our energy Home Energy Workshop or just want to review it, see the slide show at your leisure here.


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What Is Certifiably Green Denver?

Certifiably Green Denver (CGD) is a voluntary and nonregulatory program that provides free educational outreach and technical assistance on a variety of environmental issues to businesses in the City and County of Denver. The primary goals of the program are to increase participation and adoption of sustainable practices to minimize use of hazardous materials, improve energy efficiency and water conservation, and decrease the use of resources and generation of waste.

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Congress Park Neighborhood Flooding Survey January 2017

Many residents of the Congress Park Neighborhood have experienced flooding, especially in the past few years. The neighborhood lies mostly within the Upper Montclair drainage basin, which stretches from Alameda Avenue on the south, to Colfax Avenue on the North. The City would like to develop a plan to fix or mitigate these flooding problems, and has set up a committee of residents to help do so. On Jan  12 Congress Park Neighbors invited their residents and businesses to take a short survey asking them to give feed back as to whether they had experienced flooding in their neighborhoods over the past 5 years.  The survey closed Jan 16, 2017. 

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