Learning Curve Autumn Speaker Series – Trifecta



Trifecta: rediscover Congress Park in 1858, 1861, 1902 and beyond

Beht Glandon is the director of Discover Denver at Historic Denver

The event will be held in the REACH Charter School multi-purpose room on the Sewall Childhood Development Center campus at 940 Fillmore.

This event is free to Congress Park neighbors and open to the public as seating is available.

The Learning CURVE speaker series encourages the care, understanding, respect, value and enjoyment of our Congress Park neighborhood.

Nov 24, 2015 7:00-8:30

REACH 940 Fillmore St.

Teller Elementary Backpack Families program needs your help.

Teller Elementary Food Backpack Program


Two years ago, Teller Elementary realized that it had hungry students in its classrooms and started a “backpack for families” program which allowed them to feed 40 people each week and Congress Park Neighbors made a donation to help.

Through your generous support Teller Backpack Friends hopes to feed up to 80 people a week, allowing students to concentrate on studies instead of a growling stomach.

You can help by:
paypal.smDonating to Congress Park Neighbors Teller Back Pack Pay Pal site.

Starting now thru November ,Congress Park Neighbors will match each dollar up to the first $300 that is received. Please note that we are unable to match recurring donations. Please go here to donate.

You do not have to have a Pay Pal account to pay with your credit card.

Contact cpnboard@congressparkneighbors.org for questions.

Other ways to help!!

  • Volunteering at Food Bank of the Rockies. 3 volunteer hours = 20 lbs. of free food
  • Donating to the Teller Backpack Friends fund. $20 = 330 lbs of food for Teller students
  • Bring small canned goods, plastic jars, bread and fresh fruit to the box by the cafeteria
    Let’s make this a great year for Teller by nourishing all our students’ bodies and minds!Questions: walkingteam@aol.com (Sandy Parker) or dodsondnvr@hotmail.com (Doña Dodson)

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Parks and Recreation Event Rest Periods


Received from Yolanda Quesada, Fred Weiss Parks and Rec Oct 20, INC PARC Meeting

In 2014 and 2015 a cap was in place that did not allow new races and walks in Denver. In 2015 the cap was extended to include special events. With the cap expiring for the 2016 season, there was insufficient time to analyze the data and to promulgate new rules, including stakeholder involvement prior to the opening of permits for the 2016 season on November 2nd. We determined that something needed to be put in place to manage the anticipated influx of requests to hold events until new rules are adopted at the end of the 2016 season. The impetus for this decision is the Ordinance that provides priority status for events that occur in the same park on the same date(s) for two consecutive years. These events have the right to continue into the future as long as the location and date(s) remain the same and would pre-empt any new rules that might result from a more thorough review process.
To address these issues the City will be implementing rest periods in seven of our busiest parks for the
2016 season. The purpose of these rest periods is to provide a balance between passive park use and
programmed activity in and around these parks. In addition, they will allow time for the turf to recover
from the concentrated use that results from events. We will be gathering input from stakeholder
throughout the season on the effects of the rest periods and engaging the community in a discussion about new rules following the end of the season. The details of the rest periods are as follows:

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Creating Balance in Our Parks & Neighborhoods

From: Ramirez, Grace L. – Office of Special Events <Grace.Ramirez@denvergov.org>
Subject: Creating Balance in Our Parks & Neighborhoods
Date: Fri, Oct 30, 2015 5:05 pm

Dear Neighborhood Leaders, Residents, and Businesses,
Hello again! Many of you may have heard that the new Ofice of Special Events (OSE) is updating Denver’s procedures in regards to special events like races, walks, festivals and farmers markets that take place on city property. Like many other cities, Denver is experiencing a surge in special events.  It’s been an exciting year. We’ve spent the past 10 months bringing Denver’s procedures up to industry standards by creating better internal and external communication mechanisms about special events; improving our processes; and providing better guidance to special event organizers so that we can ensure safe, compliant and successful events.
Denver prides itself on our it and healthy lifestyle and the hundreds of walks, races and runs we host on public property each year. Our mission is to continue to support special events held on Denver property; maintain the quality of our parks; as well as to support our residents’ need to hold family picnics in our parks, enjoy a quiet walk through our city streets and drive through our beautiful and historic neighborhoods.
With that in mind, we are ready to roll out the  first of a series of updates for how Denver works with special events.

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Proposed City Park Esplanade Setback Modification Denver Rec Center

View from Josephine.

Proposed Rec Center with retail adjacent to Sullivan Entrance at East High Picture contains link to pdf explaining project

On Thursday, November 12, 2015 the Denver Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (DPRAB) will hold a public hearing and invite general comments on a proposed amendment to Parkway Building Line Restriction Policy.

The proposed Parkway Building Line Restrictions Policy modifies the building line setbacks for City Park Esplanade to read as follows:

Street Name
City Park Esplanade.

Designated Section
Colfax Ave. (1500) to 17th Ave. (1700)

Building Line Setbacks
35’ east side,
25’ west Side


A copy of the Amendment to Parkways Building Line Restrictions, is on file with the Executive Director of Parks and Recreation. The public hearing will take place November 12, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. in the Wellington Webb Municipal Building located at 201 W Colfax Ave., 4th floor, room 4.F.6. Members of the general public are invited to speak during the hearing. Interested parties must arrive prior to the start of the meeting to sign-up to speak

Parkways Building Line Restrictions Page 7.5

This modification would amend City Park Esplanade parkway setback from 35’ to 25’ on the west side from Colfax to E. 16th Ave.



Why amend the parkway setback?

  • Per Zoning requirements, CDRC was required to provide ground floor activation on Colfax.
  • Real Estate Dept. determined a 3,000 sq. ft. retail site was required for retail viability
  • Because of rules related to the use of bond funds, the retail could not be located on the southwest corner
  • Southeast corner is the only location that accommodates all requirements

Revised 10/21/2015


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