New’s Letter: April 2017

Neighborhood Planning Initiative (NPI)
Denver’s Neighborhood Planning Initiative is a new long-term commitment to ensure every corner of the city can enjoy the benefits of an area plan. In order to provide new and updated neighborhood area plans over the next 10 to 14 years, neighborhoods are being grouped together. As an example, six neighborhoods (Capitol Hill, North Capitol Hill, Cheesman Park, Congress Park, West City Park and City Park) along with Colfax Avenue will combine to form the East Central planning area. Residents, neighborhood groups, and community leaders will participate in this important planning effort.

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New’s Letter Spring 2017

Short term rentals (STRs) are found in all parts of Denver with a noticeably heavy concentration of them in the central neighborhoods of District 10. Capitol Hill, Cheesman Park and Congress Park have the most STRs, but STR opportunities exist in almost all District 10 neighborhoods.On June 12, 2016, after two years of discussion, Denver City Council approved a measure to allow STR’s only in primary residences. The rules took effect on July 1st and gave hosts until December 31, 2016 to obtain a business license with the city, pay the city’s 10.75% Lodger’s Tax and come into compliance with the new regulations. Enforcement of the new law began on January 1, 2017.

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News Letter: Winter 2016

District 10 City Council 2016 Report
2016 has been a busy and productive year throughout the City and especially in District 10. City Council has addressed many important City issues, such as new marijuana regulations, the short term rental program, storm water drainage project and fees implementation, affordable housing funding, and Citywide strategic planning processes onland use, transit / transportation / mobility, parks, and recreational resources – all of which impact our district.

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New’s Letter October 2016

Below is a comparison of the 2016 and the proposed 2017 General Fund budgets. The revised 2016 budget is slightly modified due to unanticipated expenses, such as the additional personnel required for the building permitting process. City Council has been meeting and reviewing various City department budget requests and will have the opportunity to present additional funding requests for specific issues to the Mayor on October 4th. The budget will be finalized and approved by City Council in November.

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New’s Letter: July 2016

Earlier this month, the sunflowers at the corner of 12th and Elizabeth were ordered to be cut down to comply with city regulations requiring clear sight lines and sidewalks and a maximum vegetation height of 30″. Councilman New worked with Neighborhood Inspection Services (NIS) to find a comprise allowing the majority of sunflowers to stay while opening up the sight lines for vehicle and pedestrian safety. Many thanks to Jose Viveros, NIS Executive Director, for his assistance and support.

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News Letter: May 2016

Community Need Budget Process
On May 23 the first ever District 10 budget meeting was held with the City Budget Office and eight neighborhoods and six business community groups. Capital improvement project requests were submitted by each participant and were well described, represented legitimate 2017 and long term capital improvement needs, and included supplemental information and many photos to illustrate and explain needs and issues. All of the City and community group discussions were informative and collaborative with the Budget Office giving budget process explanations and community presenters describing their needs. 34 community requests for 2017 budget funding were presented, totaling between $9 – $14 million. Seven long range funding requests were discussed for consideration in the upcoming 10 year bond funding in 2018.

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New’s Letter March 2016

Short Term Rental
Questionnaire Results

Denver’s proposed regulation of short term rentals is a hot topic with wide community interest. In order to give constituents a way to voice their opinions, I sent an informal survey to over 3,800 District 10 residents. 805 residents responded, and the results are as follows:

Are you currently impacted by the short-term rental of a residential property?
Yes: 17.56%
No: 82.44%
Do you agree that short-term rentals should be regulated in the City of Denver?
Yes: 82.15%
No: 17.85%

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Wayne New’s News January 2016

Even though the rental of residential property for fewer than 30 days at a time is prohibited, it has become an unregulated common practice in many City areas as well as in many cities in the US and overseas. Over the past year Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman has chaired the City Council Neighborhoods and Planning Committee, evaluating Short Term Rental (STR) programs in other cities and addressing key operational issues. READ MORE