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Denver District 10  |  New’s Letter  |   Councilman Wayne New  |  January 2018
Councilman Wayne New  |  District 10
1437 Bannock Street, Office Room 493, Denver, Colorado 80202
720-337-7710  |  Wayne.New@denvergov.org
Legislative Aide: Melissa Horn
Executive AssistantEllen Becker



Salvation Army Assistance for Needy



Wayne and Leslie New joined Cherry Creek North neighbors as part of their annual holiday volunteer service for the Salvation Army in December. The residents spent several hours sorting the thousands of donated toys and other items and organizing them into holiday family packages. These gifts are distributed to those in need as well as children of active military members and veterans. Great fun helping those who need assistance the most in our community!



District 10 Priorities


In 2018, I will be focusing my efforts on the following priorities to enhance and improve our district:
  1. Traffic Calming, Traffic Light Evaluation, and Speed Limit Reductions – Implementing traffic improvements and speed limit study findings in key residential areas.
  2. Pedestrian Safety – Improve intersection crosswalk markings to give greater visibility and protection for pedestrians at busy neighborhood intersections.
  3. Sidewalk Repair Evaluation – Participate in the first regional sidewalk repair evaluation to identify sidewalks with significant repair and replacement needs.
  4. Neighborhood Planning Initiative (NPI) – Continue to define NPI improvements for Colfax Avenue while preserving the character of the six surrounding neighborhoods of Capitol Hill, Cheeseman Park, Congress Park, City Park, West City Park, and North Capitol Hill.
  5. 1st Avenue Complete Street Project – Complete the project’s design study and identify implementation funding.
  6. 5280 Loop and Golden Triangle – Assist the Downtown Denver Partnership in the implementation of the 5280 Bike Loop within the Golden Triangle area.
  7. District 6 Police Station Replacement – Begin the Police Department planning of the replacement of the District 6 Police Station with GO Bond funding.
  8. Golden Triangle General Improvement District (GID) – Educate and engage the community to gain approval for a GID in the Golden Triangle neighborhood.
Community Office Hours


In order to facilitate greater face time with my constituents, I am coming to you. Beginning in February, I will be at a different district location each Friday for community conversations from 10:00 am -12:00 pm. The first hour I will meet with people by appointment only, the second hour will be available for drop-in discussions. The February and March schedules are as follows:
  • February 2: Metropolis Coffee; 300 West 11th Avenue
  • February 9: Dazbog Coffee; 1201 East 9th Ave
  • February 16: Under the Umbrella Café and Bakery; 3504 East 12th Avenue
  • February 23: Starbucks; 250 Columbine Street
  • March 9: Metropolis Coffee; 300 West 11th Avenue
  • March 16: Dazbog Coffee; 1201 East 9th Ave
  • March 23: Under the Umbrella Café and Bakery; 3504 East 12th Avenue
  • March 30: Starbucks; 250 Columbine Street
To make an appointment or for more information please call my office at 720-337-7710 or email Melissa Horn at melissa.horn@denvergov.org.


Small Cell Infrastructure and Neighborhoods



The City and County of Denver is receiving a growing number of requests from wireless providers and wireless infrastructure companies to construct small cell facilities or poles in the public right of way. This increase in local installations is required due to the large increases in 4G voice and data demands from homes and businesses. The use of the public right of way for these installations is allowed by federal and state law.



Since there is great resident concern with the possibilty of one or more 30′ high poles being located in front of residential properties, Councilman New has been working with Xcel Energy, city attorneys and Public Works staff to mitigate the effects of these installations. The following actions have been taken or are under consideration:
  • To facilitate co-location of small cell equipment on existing Xcel power poles, the Xcel corporate office was contacted, and a corporate policy was adopted to allow co-location.
  • Even though the City cannot prevent the use of the public right of way for this program, the City is looking into these possibilities to regulate installations:
        • Co-location of small cell equipment on existing Xcel poles.
        • Locating poles at alley entrances or in alleys when possible.
        • Regulating the distance between small cell pole installations, reducing the number of poles and their visual impact on neighborhoods.
        • Requesting pole installations at intersection corners or other locations away from the front of properties.


Although this small cell program is initially focusing on the higher density areas of Capitol Hill and Cheesman Park, these installations will be affecting all neighborhoods in the future.




2018 Denver Budget


The 2018 City Budget was approved by City Council in November. The 2018 general fund, which funds city operations, increased 5.4% over the 2017 estimated expense, for a budget total of $1.4 billion. In addition, four enterprise agencies (Airport, Wastewater, Golf, and Environmental Health) generate their own revenue, which are not included in the general fund, and are budgeted for $716 million for 2018. The total 2018 city budget is over $2.4 billion. The following chart will give you a breakdown of City general fund revenue and expenses.

In the 2018 City Budget described above, some of the priority funding highlights are listed as follows:

  • Increase Mobility Options
    • Make roadway and intersection improvements at top crash locations
    • Expand photo radar enforcement and increase roadside electronic message boards
    • Invest $4.5 million in a new sidewalk repair program to assist property owners with repairs and replacements of out-of-compliance sidewalk sections
  • Expanding Housing Options
    • Invest $21.6 million in affordable housing, which includes the annual $15 million Affordable Housing Fund allocation
    • Propose $76,000 in eviction assistance for low-income renters
    • Increase Denver’s Senior and Disabled Property Tax Rebate by $500,000
  • Making Denver More Affordable
    • Propose $500,000 affordability fund to help qualified residents with home, utility or medical bills through one-time assistance funds
  • Expanding Local Business and Job Opportunities
    • Increase staffing to help small and minority business growth and development
  • Making Behavioral Health Options More Accessible
    • Allocates $1 million for opioid support services
    • Expands methadone program and Medication-Assisted Treatment program in our jails
  • Serving Vulnerable Populations
    • Add 100 permanent supportive housing apartments
    • Expand Denver Dayworks Program for the homeless
  • Strengthening Neighborhoods to Help Residents Lead Healthy Lives
    • Expand recreation center discounts to all residents 60 and older
    • Extend operating hours at several recreation centers
    • Expand parks maintenance teams
  • Keeping Denver Safe
    • Add 28 deputies to the Sheriff Department
    • Fund the Fire Department medical unit, inspection services, and arson staff
    • Enhance Emergency Operations Center for disaster management
  • Becoming More Sustainable
    • Work toward completing the recycling program, expanding to parks and schools
  • Serving Our Youth
    • Extend the Safe Routes to School program
  • Improving Customer Service
    • Add six employees to the 311-call center, and 10 to the 911-call center
    • Expand e-permitting and increase plan review, permitting/inspection staff
    • Fund a second mobile van for the Elections Division for voter education and registration
Proper and Prompt Subcontractor Payment Ordinance



With the support of Councilwoman Deborah Ortega and Councilman Paul Kashmann, Councilman Wayne New led an evaluation of the payment practices for the minority, women-owned, and small business subcontractors in City construction projects. These practices by general contractors were in violation of the City’s 2014 Revised Ordinance that promoted the growth and development of disadvantaged subcontractors by eliminating discriminatory behavior that had been prevalent for many years in the City. Payment practices, such as lack of prompt payment, incorrect payment amounts on approved work, and lumping change order billings into one discounted rate at 50% or less, were verified though subcontractor interviews. These improper payments were not visible to City officials because they occurred outside of the City payment process.
The proper payment amendment was created from discussions with the Office of Economic Development, the Mayor’s Office, City Attorneys, Public Works, City Council, and other City agencies. It includes a tracking process to create transparency in all billing and payment activities so that improper payment practices can be identified and corrected. Critical cash flow to these small businesses will be improved. Intimidation of subcontractors will not be allowed. An evaluation of the Office of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO), which is charged with promoting and preventing payment problems, will be conducted to identify areas for improvement.  
On December 18, this proper payment amendment to the 2014 Revised Ordinance was passed 13 to 0 by City Council and has been signed by the Mayor. The bill will take effect on March 1. Many thanks to the Hispanic Contractors of Colorado (HCC), the Black Subcontractors, participating certified minority subcontractors, and especially to Cherry Creek North resident and CPA, Ann Bennett, who first brought these payment problems to my attention.


Homeless Persons’ Memorial Vigil


Every year the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) hosts a candlelight vigil and name-reading ceremony to pay tribute to our homeless who have lived and died on the streets of Metro Denver. On December 21st the vigil was held, and 237 names were read of those who passed away on our streets in 2017. This was a 38% increase in deaths compared to the 171 deaths in 2016 with the primary cause for the dramatic increase being the growing opioid epidemic. Last September CCH was awarded a federal grant to expand access to mental health and substance abuse services with a focus on opioid use. The City is fortunate to have excellent service providers, like CCH, who care for our homeless and can help address their many needs.
Sidewalk Repair Program


Maintaining our sidewalks is a responsibility of residential and commercial property owners. However, the City will be instituting a two-part sidewalk repair program – (1) a repair program for improvements to existing sidewalks and (2) a gap program to add sidewalks that are missing.
The repair program will be funded by $4 million from the general fund and will assist lower income property owners with extended repayment and affordability discounts based on average median income (AMI) thorough a revolving loan fund. The City will be divided into eleven (11) areas with one area evaluated for repairs each year. The property owner can either use a City contracted service or arrange for sidewalk repairs by a construction company of their choice.
The gap program will be funded by $47.7 million from the GO Bond with $17 million being allocated to the Globeville and Elyria-Swansea neighborhoods. Presently, there are 335 miles of streets that do not have any sidewalks, which represents approximately $100 million of new sidewalks. Complete information will be released later this month.


Medically Supervised
Injection Site



The Denver Harm Reduction Center located on Colfax across from the State Capitol is proposing a medically supervised injection site that will reduce the number of opioid deaths. The facility would allow individuals who are injecting drugs to have a place to inject self provided drugs under medical supervision. The absense of private, secure locations often drives people to inject drugs in public spaces, resulting in discarded syringes posing a health hazard and overdose deaths increasingly occurring in public parks and bathrooms. A Supervised Injection Facility is endorsed by the Denver Medical Society as part of a comprehensive strategy to fight the opioid epidemic.
I am interested in your thoughts on this matter and plan to send a survey out in the coming months. I hope you will consider providing your input on this important topic.
Denver Moves Transit Community Open House


The Denver Moves Transit team will be back in the community this month to gather feedback on their recommended transit improvements throughout Denver. They will share ideas about which corridors are right for high capacity transit (like bus rapid transit or rail) and which are ready for transit priority features to improve speed and reliability. They will also be talking about access and connection improvements, amenities at stops and stations, and a transit network.
Plan to attend one of the six locations around the city during January to provide input, attend a presentation, and talk with the project team. Check out the Denveright calendar for date and location updates.

Can’t make it in person? Beginning January 17, there will be open house information and a survey available at denvergov.org/denveright

Denver Preschool Program
Annual Showcase


Picking a preschool for your little learner is no small task. Fortunately, there is help. Join us at the Denver Preschool Program’s sixth annual Preschool Showcase on Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being (3401 Eudora St., Denver, CO 80207).
The Preschool Showcase is a FREE one-stop opportunity for parents to connect with a variety of quality-rated early education programs in their area and to learn more about available early education resources. This year’s event will feature family-friendly entertainment, delicious eats and photo ops with the Minions.
For more than 10 years, the Denver Preschool Program has made it possible for all local families-regardless of income-to access and afford high quality early learning opportunities thanks to a voter-approved sales tax.
For more information about the Denver Preschool Showcase, visit www.dpp.org/news/showcase or call 303.595.4733
Carla Madison
Recreation Center



After many years of determination and hard work, Denver Parks and Recreation is excited to announce the opening of their newest state-of-the-art recreational facility!
The Carla Madison Recreation Center, located on the corner of Colfax Avenue and Josephine Street, provides two pool areas, a basketball gym, workout classrooms, cardio floor and more spread over 67,000 square feet. There is even an outdoor climbing wall and rooftop event space with breathtaking views of downtown and the mountains.
Please stop to see this phenomenal, $44 million facility and enjoy the many new recreational opportunities provided at this Central Denver location.




MY Denver PRIME provides Denver residents ages 60+ with FREE access to all the city’s recreation centers and pools, including drop-in fitness classes and clubs. To be eligible, you must be at least 60-years-old, a Denver resident, and not already eligible for another discount program.
To get your MY Denver PRIME membership please bring proof of your Denver residency and a photo ID that verifies your age to front desk staff at any Denver Recreation Center. MY Denver PRIME memberships are not available for online registration.
For more information, help in determining eligibility or a list of proof of residency documents please visit the MY Denver Prime website.
Discover Denver Composts


Denver aims to improve sustainability in the city’s solid waste program and to increase city-wide recycling and composting from 20 percent of all waste to 34 percent by 2020.
To help meet that goal, Denver’s composting routes now serve all neighborhoods citywide. Residents who opt into the program pay a monthly or annual fee and receive a large green compost cart and a two-gallon kitchen pail to collect organic materials. To sign up, please visit Denver Compost.
Denver also offers master composting classes to residents interested in becoming experts on composting and passing their knowledge along. Learn about becoming a master composter.
Denver Police Message


Did you know that thieves can break into your vehicle, and steal your belongings or even steal your vehicle in about the time it takes to read this sentence?
Denver District Police are noticing an increase in theft from motor vehicles. Officers have been, and continue to provide focused patrols in your neighborhood but they need your help to prevent these crimes of opportunity. Here are some helpful tips to protect yourself and assist in reducing theft in Denver:
  • Always lock your car. Thieves simply go from car to car checking for unlocked doors as easy targets.
  • Remove valuables from your vehicle: wallet/purse, backpacks, cell phones, GPS devices, iPods, other electronics, and cash/change from your ash trays. If you cannot remove the items, lock them in your trunk. While at home, also remove your garage door opener.
  • Never hide extra keys inside your vehicle. Spare keys and valet keys inside your car make it easy for thieves to drive away.
  • Roll-up your windows. Even the smallest openings are an invitation for theft.
  • Park in areas that are well lit and highly visible. This includes when you are parked in your driveway or in front of your home.
  • Do not “warm-up” your car, unless you are in it.
  • Consider installing an alarm.
There has also been an increase in license plate thefts. Please take the time to check your license plates and tags daily. Criminals steal license plates to put on vehicles they intend to use in other crimes. If you have not taken advantage of the tamper resistant screws that the Denver Police Department is issuing, stop by your local police station which are listed later in the newsletter. They will put them on your vehicle while you wait. These tamper resistant screws make it difficult for the thieves to remove the screw without a unique bit, which helps prevent the thief from taking your plates.
As a reminder, if you see something, say something. If something or someone seems out of place in your neighborhood, you can report it by calling the non-emergency number (720) 913-2000, or in case of an emergency situation by dialing 9-1-1.
Police District Contact Information and Advisory Meetings
The Denver Police Department has three police districts within portions of the boundaries of our District as follows: 
Phone #
Boundaries (Approx.)
Commander Michael Calo 720-913-1000 First Thursday, Bi-Monthly E of York, N of 6th
Commander Magen Dodge 720-913-1300 First Monday, Monthly  S of 6th
Commander Ronald Saunier  720-913-2800 Contact District 6 W of York, N of 6th



Upcoming Events


Hard Times Writing Workshop       

Denver Public Library


Stampede –
Animals in Art              


Denver Art Museum


Still and Art – Clifford Still Personal Style

Current – Jan. 19

Clifford Still Museum
City Council Open Mic



Residents Can Speak to Council 

Feb 5, 19 at 5pm

City & County Building


“Detroit ’67”      
Jan 13 – Feb 24 

Curious Theatre


New Regionalisms: Contemporary Art in the Western States     

Jan 13 – Apr 8           


McNichols – City & County Building


“Are You Talking to Me”
Jan 19 – Mar 10
Walker Fine Art
Golden Triangle
“Abstract Immersion”               

Jan 26 – Mar 3  

Sandra Phillips Gallery
Golden Triangle
RESPECT: A Musical Journey of Women

Feb 1- 25

Cherry Creek Theatre 
Off the Clock:
Cajun Carnival        

Feb 2

Botanic Gardens (York St)
Community Organizations


Neighborhood / Business Organizations
Website / Email Address
Alamo Placita Neighbors www.alamoplacita.org
Bluebird Business Improvement District www.bluebirdbeat.com
Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods (CHUN) www.chundenver.org/
Cheesman Park Advocacy Group
Cherry Creek Area Business Alliance
Cherry Creek East Association www.cherrycreekeast.org
Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce www.cherrycreekchamber.org
Cherry Creek North Business Improvement District www.cherrycreeknorth.com
Cherry Creek North Neighborhood Association www.ccnneighbors.com
Cherry Creek Steering Committee
City Park Friends and Neighbors www.cpfan.org
Colfax Business Improvement District www.colfaxave.com
Colfax on the Hill www.colfaxonthehill.com
Congress Park Neighbors www.congressparkneighbors.org
Country Club Historic Neighborhood Association www.countryclubhistoric.org
Cultural Arts Residential Organization
East Cheesman Neighbors Association
Friends and Neighbors (FANS) for Cheesman Park
Golden Triangle Partnership
Miller Park Neighborhood Association trmdenver@comcast.net
Seventh Avenue Neighborhood Association
Stokes Place – Green Bowers Neighborhood ccbalkcom@gmail.com
Swallow Hill Neighborhood Association bobhampe@gmail.com
Transportation Solutions Foundation
Unsinkables unsinkablesindenver@gmail.com
Uptown on the Hill uptowndenver.org
Councilman Wayne New | District 10
720-337-7710 | Wayne.New@denvergov.orgwww.denvergov.org
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