Denver Decides 2017

Now that your ballots have arrived , please take a minute to review these videos so that you can make an informed choice.

Contained here are brief analysis of the Go-Bond initiatives, Green Roof Initiative and a forum of  District 3 school board candidate and the At-Large Candidates for school board. Each video is about 30 minutes.


General Election Ballots To Be Mailed in October

Ballots for the General Election are scheduled to be mailed the third week in October, and are due by Tuesday, November 8th. People can register and vote on the same day at Voter Service and Polling Centers as late as November 8th. The ballot is long. Among the many elected offices, there are 15 questions Denver voters will be asked to decide. READ MORE

2016 DA Debate with the Colorado Independent

It’s often said that a district attorney has more direct power over people’s lives than a mayor. If that’s so, Denver voters need to know who’s running and how he or she differs from outgoing Denver DA Mitch Morrissey.

Where do the candidates stand on prosecuting the homeless and mental ill? What are they thinking about racial profiling, excessive force and the city’s longstanding pattern of not prosecuting killer cops and sheriff’s deputies?

One thing is for sure though, it is history (or herstory) in the making because this DA will be Denver’s first woman to hold this office READ MORE

Audio Meet & Greet – District 10 Candidates

On Feb 18 2015 Congress Park Neighbors hosted a District 10 Candidate “Meet and Greet” Moderator Lisa Bingham: Lisa is a sustainability professional with over ten years of experience. She is currently the Program Coordinator for the Rocky Mountain Land … READ MORE