Proposed Change to Denver Park Alcohol Policy

Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) has a plan to expand the sale and service of alcohol in ALL Denver parks, “in an effort to simplify how rules and regulations are enforced at DPR facilities across the city.” Read the summary of the proposed changes at
DPR has also posted a survey at Take the survey by April 20, 2018

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Upcoming Denver Water projects impacting Congress Park

Milwaukee Street, from 6th Avenue to 13th Avenue

  • Start mid – late March
  • About 7 months to complete

Detroit Street, from 6th Avenue to 10th Avenue

  • Estimated Start – 2nd or 3rd Quarter 2018
  • About 4 months to Complete

UPDATE!!! March 21, 2018  A notice to customers along Detroit Street from 6th – 10th Ave has been sent out.  Eddie Hernandez  estimates that they will start doing work there within 2 months. 

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Congratulations To Our Congress Park Green Team

A big shout out to our Congress Park Neighbors Green Team! They were awarded a very prestigious award from Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation at their Annual Award Dinner. The award was the Neighborhood Excellence award and was the first given for “continuing commitment to bettering the environment”

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City Park Tours in April

Doors Open Denver 2017 is sponsoring tours of City Park on Saturday, April 29 (10:30 am) and Sunday, April 30 (1:00 pm). City Park enthusiasts, Patricia Paul, Barbara Wright and Georgia Garnsey will lead the tour, “City Park, Crown Jewel of the Queen City” for the third year. Tour participants will stroll though City Park’s green expanses and past its lovely gardens, fountains and statues for 60-90 minutes.

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Congress Park Transportation Map

DOWNLOAD THE TRANSPORTATION MAP   3,448 total views, no views today … READ MORE

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Say goodby to your privately owned barrels and dumpsters.  

In correspondence with Charlotte Pittman, Denver Solid  Waste, tentative plans for conversion to city owned barrel trash collection shouild start  in July 2017, with educational outreach beginning in April 2017. We have been contacted by residents regarding concerns about the elderly trying to navigate the new carts down many stairs to the curb.     At this point it looks like if pickup is in the alley it will continue to be in the alley.  


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Congress Park Neighborhood Flooding Survey January 2017

Many residents of the Congress Park Neighborhood have experienced flooding, especially in the past few years. The neighborhood lies mostly within the Upper Montclair drainage basin, which stretches from Alameda Avenue on the south, to Colfax Avenue on the North. The City would like to develop a plan to fix or mitigate these flooding problems, and has set up a committee of residents to help do so. On Jan  12 Congress Park Neighbors invited their residents and businesses to take a short survey asking them to give feed back as to whether they had experienced flooding in their neighborhoods over the past 5 years.  The survey closed Jan 16, 2017. 

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Congress Park Earth Day 2017 Celebration

Thank you for your interest in the Congress Park 2017 Earth Day celebration! This year’s event will be held on Saturday, April 22 from 1:00 pm. – 5:00 p.m. outdoors at Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church (between Fillmore and Milwaukee on 11th Avenue). Participation in the event is free and open to the public.

This year’s theme is “Think Globally, Act Locally!” Join us for neighbor-to-neighbor learning and action to improve the sustainability of Congress Park Neighborhood, Denver and beyond.

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